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0176/ 234 39 100

For English native speakers

Support far away from home!

Living in a foreign country already is a challenge for itself. If it adds up to demanding personal, business or relationship issues, it can be very comforting to find emotional support close by.

With an M.A. in educational sciences and intercultural communications and having spent time abroad myself I am well aware of the difficulties you might face at the moment. I would love to help you find relief, more clarity and joy in your life.

My core methods are Family Constellations, EFT (Emotinal Freedom Techniques) and Coaching for Highly Sensitive as well as Non Highly Sensitive People (HSP and non-HSP). If you have any questions concerning my work described in German on these pages, concerning my sessions or the methods I use, feel very welcome to contact me. According to experience, emotional work is most effective using your mother language. As it is the language you grew up with it is deeply connected to your emotions – which are our essential tool for healing.

Would you like to take another step towards your true self, towards living from the heart, towards shining your light? I am looking forward to your call!